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Get more out of your marketing

2H Media is an Agile marketing studio built on relationships, transparency and iterative learning. We merge proven software development techniques with modern marketing strategy and implementation. This is marketing for companies who want to move forward.

Marketing is software for people

“In short, software is eating the world.”
—Marc Andreessen


Next-level marketing
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  • Marketing & Business Consulting
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Data Insights
  • Branding, Design, & Agile Workshops

Building without strategy is risk. Let’s design a sprint that positions you in front of your audience today.


  • Creative Direction
  • Strategic Content Creation
  • Print Advertising
  • Photography

What does your audience want to see? Users should influence your design, and your design should influence your users. Ask us out our results.


  • Digital Advertising
  • Web Development
  • User Experience Design
  • SEO

The ability to execute is paramount. You can expect all our sprints and projects to be complete on time, on budget and on target.

2H Media is a Shopify Partner

Reach your audience with a new perspective.

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Designed to fit your business
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Only what matters

We gather qualitative and quantitative data before we begin work to determine which services will provide you the most value.

Baseline Metrics

Projects begin by establishing targeted baseline metrics which are continually monitored to track success and reveal potential pivot opportunities.


Large projects become smaller projects

Your product improves in a more consistent manner. This ensures you are always informed of progress, minimizing delays, and keeping budgets on target.

Most important opportunities first

We continually implement exactly what your audience wants. Our decisions are backed by user data. We capture every interaction and constantly pivot to increase conversion. We focus on your customer, they focus on you.

Each iteration is self-contained

You will have a fully functional, working product at the end of each sprint. Going forward, your product evolves with your audience. Incremental improvements prevent vendor lock-in.

Rapid information gathering

Every iteration creates another source of user experience feedback. This information allows us to pivot and increase relevancy. We don’t predict needs, we validate them.

Iterative marketing feedback loop
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Agile Marketing

How agile works for you
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Get the right things done

Creating smaller plans decreases the time between concept and reality. This reduces risk and often positions you as first-to-market. We look to your audience for answers. Why build an entire map when you can use a compass?

Adapt to change

Smaller plans (sprints) increase adaptability. We position you in front of your audience, capture user feedback, adjust, and re-release. Our feedback loop is in constant motion and ensures you are always optimizing and staying focused on customer relevancy.

Better communication

Teams act like an organism; each member plays a critical role, while constantly benefiting one another. Transparent processes allow each member access to the full scope-of-work and complete context about the project. This allows members to predict roadblocks; reducing risk and always staying connected.

Get more done

Our iterative process compounds over time. Optimizations initiated on week 5 translate into happier customers, better products and more engagement every moment going forward. On average we are able to achieve 30% more than traditional waterfall marketing methods. Where will you be in 6 months?

Inside 2H Media

Marketing done differently
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Respond to change with Rapid Iteration

We respond to change rather then following a plan. We focus on customer needs and reduce the time planning campaigns. We do not predict the market, we react and release.

Many small experiments

Projects are flexible, we allocate resources from day one that allow us to explore new ideas, while maintaining a majority of the budget on proven strategy. This allows us develop ideas for the future while capturing your present audience.

Rapid iteration means rapid learning

Rapid iteration over big bang campaigns. We follow a compass, continually checking our direction. We make small adjustments and optimizations and gather user feedback. Our products always improve based on what our audience finds valuable, not what we planned 6 months ago.

Continuous Value

Value is determined by the user, not by the company. Consumer data influences our decisions and our feedback loop ensures we are always focusing on what our audience want most.

Traditional versus iterative project management
Siloed organizations versus cross-functional teams

Interactions & Collaboration

Expect great communication. Our teams break the traditional corporate silo structure. We position our experts closer to you and your customers.

Face to Face Communication

Great collaboration and amazing team work allows us to reduce waste and increase productivity. You will meet more than our marketing team. Setting context and empowering each individual on the project creates better culture and project masterpieces.

Data Driven Decisions

We encourage creativity and are open to hearing all ideas. We leave no stone unturned. Our decisions are rarely based on the opinion of the highest paid person in the room, this is a group effort and we let our audience do the talking.