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Putting people forward in a digital age

We thought, "let’s actually take a proactive approach to helping people thrive digitally."

We mastered the art of teaching to help businesses understand how they can compete and win in a digital economy. 2H Media is a team that finds solutions and actually implements them.

Our team

Our team has a wide variety of skill sets from advertising to product packaging.

Our methods

We believe in building partnerships, teaching business owners transferable skills, and growing through ethical practices.

We build

eCommerce stores, websites, logos & branding and product packaging

Partnerships with like-minded businesses

Knowledge bases and design systems to help make information scalable

Email marketing campaigns and digital advertising with 100% transparency

Everything we create is built to last. From partnerships to design systems, we treat your business like our business. Expandability and reliability come first. View some of the things we've built.
Matt and Ben teaching at Shopify

We teach

Businesses how to adopt agile thinking through workshops and 1-on-1 coaching

SEO with municipal Business Centres & Shopify

Remote workshops designed to help time sensitive business owners

Students entrepreneurship and eCommerce

Business strategy through Wardley Mapping and context specific game play

We teach workshops for beginners and advanced users at Shopify and at small business centres across Ontario. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming workshops and visit our workshops page for details.

We grow

By dedicating time and resources to internal initiatives making our processes better through rapid iterations

By helping businesses in over 30 market verticals and leveraging cross promotion between markets

By mentoring +50 businesses each month through government programs including Rhyze Ventures and Starter Company+

By helping businesses apply for and successfully receive government grant funding

metrics to track
We dedicate time every week to improving our skills and expanding our knowledge. We take complicated problems and develop simple solutions. Find out how our solutions can work for your business.