About 2H Media How we’re different

We enable brands to present clear and consistent messaging across all platforms. Influencing audiences and driving results through targeted marketing efforts. We strive to understand your business, your competitors and your clients. Putting you front-and-center. Making choices simple.

Our mission is to make your mission clear.

About Us

Our beliefs

Why we started

2H Media was founded in 2017 when Ben and Matthew realized the disconnect between the forward-thinking tech industry and the outmoded marketing agency model. 2H Media is an agile digital strategy and marketing studio. Proud to provide a distilled, transparent, remarkable connection.

Looking forward

Progressive companies desperately need customer feedback to develop their user relevancy. We push the status quo and empower businesses through our iterative feedback loop.

Our values

  • Distill your audience

    Know who’s watching and what matters to them.

  • Transparency with clients

    Establishing trusted relationships are worth more tomorrow then they are today.

  • Be Remarkable

    Challenge the status quo and never settle for ordinary.

Do these values resonate with your business?


How our clients feel

“What this group accomplished in thirty days is an inspiration to me. Personally, I believe they are the finest example of young, vibrant philanthropists in our country and I look forward to the honour of working with them for many years.” — Wendy Kennelly, Provincial Director – Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, The Terry Fox Foundation

We listen.

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