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Your products are the goods or services you sell. Shopify makes it easy to enter your product data including price, images, description, colours, and weights.

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When a customer purchases items from your store, an order is created. Shopify makes it easy to manage the process of billing, finding the purchased items, packaging them, and mailing them.

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Every time someone on your Ecommerce store registers an account or submits their email address for your newsletter, a Customer is created. You can use the Shopify admin interface to update customer name or address and add notes about the customer.

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Getting Paid

The big question. How do I get paid when a purchase is made? Shopify makes it easy. Payments are automatically billed and deposited directly into your bank account on a 3-day rolling basis.

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Online Store

Shopify allows you to sell through multiple sales channels. (PoS, Online Store, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and more.) Your Online Store sales channel is your Ecommerce store. You can use these settings to edit the look and feel of your website, including colours, fonts, and how your store navigation is organized.