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Social Media

Social media is above all else, social. The golden rule of social media is sharing awesome content from your specific industry 80% of the time, sell products the remaining 20%.

  • Promote your partners and designers, thank your network
  • Share industry related content ex. Design Trends for 2020
  • Less is more when it comes to selling
  • The goal is to be social, we want more interactions and shares
  • Define your goals for each channel


Instagram is a fast paced, extremely visual platform. With one swipe of a finger your content has come and gone. Focus on amazing images, engaging your audience, and selling less.

Sell Less

List product benefits and qualities, the most recent 10 posts all tried to sell a product. It's Social Media. 

Share information about your partners, designers and experts. Have your partners share your content as well.

A content and targeting strategy should be created. The Instagram should target one specific audience, either consumers or designers and experts

Announce Trade Shows you attend early

Include your booth number, and where to get tickets. It is common to have "show only" specials.

Trade Shows are social, share the best the industry has to offer, give your audience more information. Not everyone is competition.

If you have contests, announce the winners

The latest contest had 67 comments, way above average.

There is no Jan 13 post to announce the winner. It's not too late make the announcement.

Promote social interaction

If your audience asks you a question, ask one back. Everyone wants more attention and to feel like they have a voice. It's also a great way to gather valuable feedback.


Facebook is a mature platform with many hidden opportunities to improve. The more you give Facebook, the more you get back. 

All posts need a description

Describe the product, the materials, quality, etc.

Upload your photos and create albums of similar products

Every collection can have it's own album to allow users to explore a complete listing of both fashion and individual product photography

Creating the opportunity for users to continuously scroll through content increases the chance of likes, shares and conversions

Include the photos you use on Facebook on your eCommerce store to create a better user experience

After users click the Shop the Collection online link, you want to make them feel like they are in the right place. Displaying matching photography creates a sense of assurance

Read more on this topic in the collections section

Links need to lead to the most relevant content

The link should point to the outdoor collection featured in the photo

Double check any dates prior to posting, have a second person check for punctuation and accuracy because it can be difficult to proof your own work

Ensure all products are on the store before posting

Ensure that every picture has supporting text

If you notice a mistake go back and edit the post. Often users will scroll back and view prior posts, we want to make sure that even past content is correct.

Collaboration will yield a better result

To create a better user experience ensure the product being featured is easily found. This chair is not even available online

Multiple team members should be involved to manage the online store, and social media posting

All parties should have training on how to collaborate during monthly social media/website meetings 

Your scheduling software Monday.com can help organize group tasks and assist multiple team members trying to reach the same goal. 

Descriptions should help users find products featured in video content

After a user views a video they should have the ability to find the related products easily. 

Users need to know what is being shown to them. How would I find these items in your store if I wanted to make a purchase? 

Keep your news section up to date

Having another channel talk about your product is amazing exposure. Keeping your news section up to date will benefit your SEO

Collaborate between team members to ensure the news section and all social media channels are accurate


Creating an easy to use store is paramount. Users need to be able to find products easily. The amount of information needs to correspond with the product's value. Sorting and discovering new products should be easy.

  • The longer people browse the store, the more likely they are to buy
  • The most important content should come first
  • Collections should feature a heading image/fashion photography
  • The store should be easy to navigate


The homepage is your most popular web page and is where users commonly start their browsing session. We want to feature the most relevant information as quickly as possible. Keeping a user's attention is paramount.

Links need to be double and triple checked

Ensure links direct users to the correct content. A validation process should be created for high value deliverables

The most popular content needs to appear first

Arrange your collections by popularity

Helping users find what matters most to them will help create more conversions

Based on this data: sectionals, sofas & love seats should appear before anything outdoor.

Avoid duplicate content

Hauser has an abundance of amazing photo content, featuring the same sale side-by-side doesn't fit the Hauser brand.

Newsletter signup

There is no clear button to sign up for the newsletter.

Social media should also promote the newsletter to get more users signed up

The newsletter should feature high value information such as education, design trends, trade shows, new product lines, new materials, etc.


The life blood of any store is displaying great products and supporting them with the relevant content a user might need to make a purchase.

Use all available photography to help sell a product

This will help users envision how the product will benefit their life and make their living space better

Adding lifestyle photos to specific products will engage users and create a stronger  incentive to purchase

Products have incorrect vendor information

The vendor is who actually makes the product. This also helps SEO

Training should be provided to teach team members how to add Vendor information correctly

A product description should describe the product

Each product is unique. Descriptions should be representation of the general characteristics of the product.

Focus on the things that matter most:
Key features

The product descriptions get translated into search engines through meta-tags

Evaluate how the customer will see your product on Google

Poorly written descriptions will decrease the likelihood of users finding your products on search engines

Alternately, you can add a meta description to each product or, at least, your highest selling products.

Home Page Meta Descriptions

This is the first thing people see when they look up your store on search engines

Your home page description should be relevant to all of your product lines and include the terms that are most likely to be searched

Image alt tags are missing

Image Alt tags are required to make your images visible to search engines

Screen readers use alt tags to describe content to the visually impaired

Search engines, unable yet to understand image content, use alt tags to determine the content of the image

Additional team member training is recommended to teach team how to add/edit Alt Tags in bulk

Types and tags

Product Types are what the product is in the most simple form

Additional training is recommend to teach all team members about using Product Types correctly and consistently

Product Tags are used to indicate products' features

Additional training is recommend to teach all team members about using Product Tags correctly and consistently

Correct types and tags will allow users to filter products more easily and will help display correct information. Currently the "Sort by Brand" filter is broken

Include all relevant information 

If you can't display all possible Hauser finishes, include a link to additional information about finishes

Adding a link will allow us to track how many users are interested in Hauser finishes. Currently, we don't know how many users are unable to find the finishes and decide to not make a purchase.


Creating "groups" of products that all share similar features enhances user experience, SEO, and conversion rates. Collections are one of the most powerful tools offered by Shopify.

Collections require a description

Descriptions should be 3 to 4 sentences. If you have trouble describing try asking yourself the following:

What makes the collection unique?

What are the common design attributes that all products share?

What colours, and design elements are most apparent?

Where would this collection look best? e.g. designed for small condos, big spacious backyards, modern lifestyles, large family gatherings.

Descriptions help SEO

Shopify gives you a preview of how the collection will be displayed on Google and is auto generated from the description text as a meta tag.

Each collection should feature a captivating landing image

After making a click and getting directed to a new page, the user needs to be reassured they are in the correct place with the page title and image

Hero images for collections automatically create confidence with users and often feature fashion photos with supporting text

Many collections have images uploaded but the correct template needs to be selected to display them

Advertising & Paid Social

The larger the budget, the more attention to detail is required. Campaigns should be planned as early as possible. Avoid trying to advertise on non-specific terms to sell individual products

  • Isolate your target audience (demographics)
  • Consistently remove the worst performing keywords and try new ones
  • Use keyword planner to help discover new keywords and phrases

Google Ads

Google Ads is an amazingly effective tool for targeting a specific audience that is seeking related products on Google or on Google Partner websites.

Targeting by Age

Removing younger audiences during targeting will increase the efficiency of your budget

CPC is significantly lower for older audiences

Not only are younger audiences less interested, they cost you over 5 times more per click compared to an older audience.


In this campaign, keywords should target brand names

Phrase-match keywords will yield fewer impressions with higher relevance

If you use Broad-match keywords, check the Search Terms report to see if you're bidding on anything irrelevant to your brand.

Negative key words should be used to refine Broad-match eg. Cheap

Average cost-per-click

An Avg. Cost for a Yeti cooler is far too high. 

Max CPC will limit how much you are spending per click. Lower value conversions should have a lower Max CPC 

You can set global Max CPC limits campaign wide to fix this issue. 

Advertising needs to lead to the most accurate information

The ad text indicates all Outdoor collections are on sale, however the CTA link leads to the homepage. Having the wrong URL will significantly decrease conversion rates

On other platforms having the wrong link will result in decreased Ad Relevancy and actually cost you more to have your ads display

Google My Business

GoogleMyBusiness is a unique section that helps users find commonly sought information and offers increased benefits of SEO.

  • Extremely easy to use and update
  • Consistently adding/updating information is recommended
  • Often the thing users see when looking for your brand
  • Best place to feature reviews
  • Many benefits for maps/directions, hours and direct phone calls

Business Description

Adding a description will help Google and users when viewing you with Google search

Store descriptions need to be consistent across multiple stores

Business description can match the store Meta description from Shopify


GoogleMyBusiness photos get viewed thousands of times and help boost SEO significantly

Upload a new photo for each store once per week

Consistency is more important than loading many photos up once and forgetting about it

Photos can be of products, location (interior and exterior) and staff members

Upload exterior shots during day and night time, Google is smart enough to display the most relevant photo to users based on the time they are searching

Create Posts - Offers

The create offer under the Create Post section will allow you to create sales on Google for free and can be paired perfectly with similar sales posts on other social media platforms

Google prioritizes this content significantly

Each sale should get a unique GoogleMyBusiness offer

Create Posts - Products

You can advertise specific product sales for FREE