Garrison Creek Construction

Nothing like home.

Home means something different to everyone. At Garrison Creek, sustainable living merged with luxurious design redefines how living in the 21st century should be. Perfectly pairing natural stone and wood textures with tempered floor to ceiling glass windows and staircases create a truly modern environment. Creating a generation home takes forethought and the fingerprints of industry experts. Garrison Creek is moving the goalpost with their new line of environmentally sustainable building products and materials.

We partnered with principals to create an online environment that seduces the senses and shapes dreams for the future. Leading with education and technology within a dynamic platform allows for agile changes as products and materials develop. Welcome to the stunning homes of Garrison Creek.


  • Web Development
  • Copy Writing
  • UX/UI Design

20,000 sq/ft

Home sold


Increased Users


Increased Sessions

Web Development

A living foundation

Grandeur. Richness. Exclusivity. Garrison’s target audience demands perfection, from wireframes to mock-ups to pixel perfect release. Identifying with an affluent client base thrives on being first to market. Sections of the website were completed in order of user importance and immediately launched. Developing and implementing the website in iterative releases to private audiences generated an initial 20,000 square foot home sale in the first months of development. Scarcity drives demand.


Elegance refined.

Garrison Creek has a long history of commercial and residential contracting. From Warner Music Canada to Deer Hurst Sanctuary. Highlighting true master craftsmanship while catering to SEO specific search terms almost doubled their average monthly users. Positioning a select number of portfolio, educational, and process driven content pages ensured viewers would explore and discover a complete collection of Garrison’s expertise.

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